Distributed photovoltaic energy storage, really here!

Recently, "Jinan Nuo Neng Energy Co., Ltd." and "Shanneng New Energy (Zaozhuang) Co., Ltd." Co., Ltd. successfully signed a distributed photovoltaic power station shared energy storage energy lease contract with a lease capacity of 1.5MW and a lease period of 5 years.

The signing of the shared energy storage capacity lease contract not only marks the "zero" breakthrough of Zaozhuang City in 2022, but also has a positive promotion of the healthy development of the shared energy storage market in Jinan and even Shandong Province. effect.

From the perspective of the development of the photovoltaic industry, the signing of the contract is more important: "distributed photovoltaic configuration configuration energy storage, it really comes!"


In the past two years, under the background of the "double carbon" goal and the construction of a new power system, the photovoltaic industry has entered a period of high -speed development, and the scale of installation has grown rapidly. Above the expected, the "ultra -high -speed" development period was driven.

According to data from the National Energy Administration, in 2021, the new distributed photovoltaic installation machine in my country exceeded the centralized power plant, accounting for 55%of the new photovoltaic installation machine. The distributed photovoltaic has completed the first time the newly installed machine exceeds the centralized historic leap. In the first half of 2022, my country was added 30.878GW, and the distributed photovoltaic added 19.653GW, accounting for 63.6%.

While the distributed photovoltaic market ushered in the explosion period, its impact on the stability of the grid and the problems of its own disappearance could not be ignored. In the second quarter of 2022, the national new energy power consumption assessment and analysis released by the National New Energy Consumers Monitoring and Early Warning Center mentioned that some provinces and cities distributed photovoltaic development and consumer pressure, the distributed photovoltaic development is rapid, and the scale expansion has led to the expansion of the scale. Some problems are gradually exposed in terms of project filing, grid -ups, and investment income, and further policy guidance is needed.

As a result, the market's demand for energy storage has entered a "new stage", and many encouraging distributed photovoltaic storage documents have been introduced since the central government to local.

At the national level, in May 2021, the National Energy Administration's "Notice on the Development and Construction of Photovoltaic and Photovoltaic Power Generation in 2021" proposed that "to ensure safety premise, encourage conditions for household photovoltaic projects to be equipped with energy storage. The project is guaranteed by the power grid enterprise. "

At the local level, according to the statistics of the Arctic Star Solar Pleueling Network, as of now, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Ningxia, Chongqing, Sichuan, and Anhui have released distributed photovoltaic storage policies in 15 provinces and cities. Distributed photovoltaic provinces have released 10 distributed storage policies.

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Storage restraint

Although the long -term development of the distributed photovoltaic market urgently requires the blessing of energy storage, and the local area may be compulsory or encouraged the configuration of photovoltaic projects, there are still multiple obstacles on the "distributed photovoltaic+energy storage" path.

The first is whether the photovoltaic project is equipped with energy storage.

In the past two years, while the price of photovoltaic raw materials has continued to rise, energy storage costs have continued to rise. Some research institutions have analyzed that, driven by the demand for new energy vehicles and renewable energy, the supply of lithium carbonate of the main raw material for the main raw material for energy storage is limited, and the price of battery cells is seriously affected. The cost of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells (LFP) cells (LFP) battles in raw materials increased by 84%compared to May 2021. In March 2022, it reached a peak of $ 153/kWh. So far its cost is not lower than $ 140/kWh. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance Forecast, the full -year lithium prices will remain high in 2022, and the market is in a high tension.

Liu Yong, Secretary -General of the Energy Storage Application Branch of the Chinese Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, also said that "the technical routes of energy storage are different, the cost is also different, and due to factors such as the rise in batteries and raw materials, the current cost of the electrochemical energy storage system in my country Watshire 1.6 yuan to 1.9 yuan. "

According to a person who specializes in the design of photovoltaic power stations, the comprehensive enterprise's spontaneous self -use rate and the comprehensive nucleic acid of the enterprise electricity price, distributed photovoltaic project allocation may lead to an increase in investment costs by 0.2 yuan/W, resulting in the extension of the return on investment.

The rise in costs to a certain extent reduced the enthusiasm of the owner of the power station to build energy storage. Under the "economic account" is not very optimistic, the security of the distributed photovoltaic storage "is also in front of it.

As one of the effective measures to regulate the stability of the power system, one of the reasons why my country has not been able to develop rapidly in China with huge power consumption is that the battery has more hidden safety hazards. According to the incomplete statistics of public information, in the ten years of 2011-2021, there were 32 energy storage power stations in the world.

Some insiders in the photovoltaic industry admitted that the new energy field stations built energy storage according to policies, just to get the grid indicators of power generation projects, and do not consider the functions and quality of the energy storage power station. This makes the air -storage photovoltaic power plant after energy storage, and the owner is more cautious.

At present, the development of the development of power storage for photovoltaic distribution is beyond doubt. With the implementation of the Shandong Zaozhuang distributed photovoltaic power station sharing energy storage project, the large -scale storage of distributed photovoltaic storage has been opened, but the combination of the two "economics economy "Safety" still urgently needs to attach great importance to the photovoltaic industry and the energy storage industry, and work together.

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